Ministries And Groups

  • Sacred Heart /
    St. Michael's

    Altar Guild
    The altar guild consits of four team members who rotate weekly & prepare the sancuary and sacristy for the weekend liturgies. They clean the sacred vessels that will be used during Mass.  They clean and iron all the linens and towels used during Mass as well. The sanctuary furnishings,  window ledges and statues, receive a light dusting.
    Contact Fr. Thomas for more information.

  • Catholic Women's League - Sacred Heart
    A General Meeting is held the 1st Monday of      every month in the Langton Community Centre at 7:30 pm.
    President - Linda Vandendriessche 
    Treasurer - Josy Erdelac
    Memberships - Connie Pasztor

    Catholic Women's League - St. Michael's
    A General Meeting is held the 1st Wednesday of    every month in St. Michael's Parish Hall at 7:00 pm.
    President -JoAnn Deconinck 
    Treasurer - Loretta Freeman
    Secretary - Melissa White

    Knights of Columbus - Sacred Heart
    AGeneral Meeting is held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 8:00 pm in the Langton Community Centre.
    Grand Knight - Ric Dendauw

  • St. Mary's

    Catholic Women's League

        A General Meeting is held the 3rd Wednesday        of every month in the Parish Centre at 7:00 pm.

        President - Darlene Papaioannou 

    Knights of Columbus
         General Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th        Tuesday of every month at 8:00 pm in the               Parish Centre
          Grand Knight - Norbert Vanhooren

    Reach Out
         A group of volunteers who visit the sick and            shut-ins of our Parish. If you know of anyone          our team could visit, or if you would like to              volunteer, contact Fr. John at 519-842-3224
         extension 22.

    Social Justice
         Ed DeDecker is our Parish Development and          Peace representative. He is in touch with the          social justice groups and agencies in our                diocese and province. Contact the Parish                Office 519-842-3224 for more information.

    Parish Pastoral Council
           Meeting regularly, the Council advises the              Pastor on issues of pastoral concern relating         to the Diocesan Pastoral Plan.

    Finance Committee
         This Committee advises the Pastor on all                issues of a temporal nature - they work closely      with the Business Manager in setting the                 yearly budget.

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul
         A lay Catholic organization whose mission is:        "To live the Gospel message by serving Christ        in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy."        They meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month       in the Parish Centre. 

    Relgious Items Store
         Contact Janet Shelton at 519-688-0144 or     

    Men's Ministry
         Men striving to grow in faith. Contact Deacon        Brian Hanley at 519-688-0528.

    The Jollymakers
         An opportunity for seniors to gather for bingo,        card playing and good conversation. Every             Thursday beginning at noon in the Parish               Centre. Contact Hilda Verheyen 519-842-7120.

         The library has an assorment of religious                 books.  Located in Room 4 of the Parish                 Centre.