Parish Registration

  • Sacred Heart, Langton and St. Michael's, Walsh 

  • St. Mary's,  Tillsonburg

    Welcome all newcomers to St. Mary’s!

    Attending Mass or living in the parish boundaries does not automatically make one a registered member of St. Mary’s. Anyone who wishes to practice their Catholic Faith by regularly attending Mass and participating in the liturgy may consider St. Mary’s their own parish. You are simply asked to register as members of the parish. By registering, not only do you become part of our community, but it also assists us in fulfilling and planning the needs of our parishioners.

    Registration is easy!
    Click here for the registration form.

    Print out and complete the registration form and either:
    - put it in the collection basket at Sunday Mass
    - drop it off at the Parish office
    - scan and email the form
    - mail it in to St Mary's Parish at the address listed at the bottom of the website

    In order to keep parish records up-to-date, please notify the parish office when there is a change of address, telephone number and/or change of status, i.e. moved to a retirement/nursing home or in with relatives, a change in telephone number, etc.